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We Are

Design driven teams creating scalable and secure business solutions.

Experts in technology creating business solutions without sacrificing user experiences

Available products

Proven dependable solutions

Security, Scalability, & Simplicity

WireVault - vpn & security

Our saas, self-hosted, and hybrid vpn solution based on wireguard brings the best of flexibility, scalability, and security

Classis - spot instance management

Our classis products help use spot instances for more than just batching.

What We Do

Work with various groups to expedite the delivery of scalable solutions.

Our teams have worked with top 3 telecom companies, major retailers, government organizations, and more.


We help groups start from scratch or modernize existing setups. This includes the usual suspects of Terraform, CI/CD tools, etc.

Technology modernization

We've helped quite a few organization on modernization. This includes using things like Kafka to change to event and streaming based architectures.

Innovations Labs/Product Strategy

Team events

We're currently putting together events that combine work aways, workshops, and surfing in Costa Rica. Ask for more details

Culture coaching

Mobile Development

This mostly revolves around Android/iOS native and Flutter development

Contact Us

Get in touch and let's make something great together. +1 (918) 808 1128

Where To Find Us

New York, NY
10003 US